Automated Integration: Saves Time and Eliminates Errors

One of the major advantages of using an in-house system like LTtax for managing your payroll withholding and unemployment taxes is the automated integration of data with other systems. Once you key your data into LTtax it can be used for multiple purposes within your financial systems which saves you time, money and re-keying errors.

With many outsource service providers it can be difficult and costly to get data from them promptly and in a format that can easily integrate into your financial systems.

LTtax resides between your source payroll system (PeopleSoft, SAP, GEAC, Lawson, etc.) and your financial system(s), such as accounts payable (A/P) and general ledger (G/L). Because financial data for your federal, state and local jurisdictions reside in LTtax, LTtax can be set up to feed A/P and G/L. For jurisdictions paid by check, you can feed A/P based on the turnaround time it takes for your company to cut a check or otherwise make the payment. The same is true for wire payments. And best of all, an electronic file containing check and voucher numbers can be fed back into LTtax thus completing the payment cycle.

Feeding the G/L system is another popular feature of LTtax. The system stores G/L account numbers on a division and/or jurisdiction level. A division in your company may represent a cost center, a plant, a pay group, etc. within a FEIN. A jurisdiction may represent one Ohio School District or the entire State of Ohio. Each may be assigned a separate G/L number. This flexibility suits various financial structures and is a hallmark of the system.

When you implement LTtax it is important to examine every process you are doing manually to see whether the information already exists in LTtax and, if so, we will assist you in extending the use of automation in your company.

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