Get More For Your $$ With LTtax*SQL

In an uncertain economy, cash (flow) is king, and the last thing you need is to tie up critical funds with an outsourced payroll tax service. LTtax*SQL is the in-house SQL server-based system that keeps your money where it's needed most, on your company's books.

Smart companies such as NY Life, Aetna, Hertz, Walgreens and the largest retailer in the world are using LTtax*SQL to track and pay their payroll withholding & unemployment taxes.

Find out just how easy the process is.

  • Step 1 - see a demo of the system; discuss your requirements with LTtax experts

  • Step 2 - determine if LTtax*SQL will benefit your company (we're sure it will)

  • Step 3 - include LTtax*SQL in your 2010 budget

  • Step 4 - begin implementation and training in 2009

  • Step 5 - make payment in 2010

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