Partner Spotlight: Greenshades Software

LTtax in conjunction with our alliance partners, provides a total solution for payroll tax professionals. Our partners have the expertise and experience in associated areas of payroll tax compliancy that will satisfy our clients' many requirements.

For nearly three years, Greenshades Software has been a valued partner. They complement LTtax software by issuing e-filings for State Unemployment Income (SUI) Wage details and also serve as reporting agents for 941 and 940 e-filings.

LTtax accepts a quarterly electronic download of data by SSN and reformats the data for transfer to Greenshades Software. Users have total access to data for any adjustments that are required. Next, Greenshades Software reformats the data to each state's specification so that it can be transmitted via Internet submission.

"One of the reasons we chose to partner with LTtax is because we share a common set of ethics," said Molly Van Kampen, National Sales Manager for Greenshades. "Both companies are committed to doing business honestly and with integrity: focusing on the customer's true needs and satisfaction."

The partnership is also cost-effective and saves our clients time and money. They do not have to outsource these functions or worry about information security issues. It's a win-win for everyone.

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