Employee Spotlight: Meet Norma Pemberton

Norma Pemberton, LTtax training manager, has been a valuable team member for more than 10 years. She travels throughout the country for us and spends three days on each site helping payroll departments at large companies implement our software.

"Clients gather their tax information so that I can set up the LTtax database before I arrive on their premises," explains Norma. "For the onsite course I go over all system modules with the users, work with the IT group to finalize the interface programs and prepare for parallel testing. I focus on the rules and how to handle exceptions to the rules. The flexibility of LTtax is key to the success of the product."

"Most of the time employees have a positive view of the new software; occasionally some may be apprehensive. Throughout the training session everyone becomes energized especially when we review a function that they have been handling manually."

"Generating quarter-end forms manually, reconciling to wage detail data and sending SUTA information to third party unemployment service providers can typically take two weeks to a month. In most cases LTtax reduces SUI processing time from weeks to a few days. When employees see how quickly their quarter-end processing is completed, they are thrilled," continues Norma.

Most satisfying to Norma is that LTtax makes someone's job easier. She credits the home office for their dedication to improving the software and for making her job so satisfying as well as enjoyable.