LTtax: Customized Solution To Meet Any Need

LTtax understands that no one solution can meet everyone's needs. That's why we have built in the ability to customize processes, reports and a lot more.

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Medtronic, a multinational company that uses technology to transform the way debilitating, chronic diseases are treated can affirm first hand how LTtax has eased their reporting process.

Medtronic converted from another payroll tax software package to LTtax in January 2006.  "One of the significant factors in our decision to select LTtax as our payroll tax software provider was their willingness to develop customizations to meet our process needs," says Dominique Palks, CPP and Sr. Business Analyst at Medtronic.

"Our first customization request was to have a field added to the report criteria, which allowed us to run reports with the exact data needed for our withholding payroll tax account reconciliations," says Palks. This required adding the data element to the withholding import file and all withholding data tables in addition to the page. "We explained our need to LTtax and very soon afterwards, they included this new feature in their quarterly release.

"The second customization provided by LTtax has saved us 150 hours per quarter!"

"We provided a spreadsheet upload template from our accounts payable department and an explanation of which data elements from LTtax needed to be populated in each of the fields, several of which needed to be concatenated or summed and many of which needed to be left blank. When we run the withholding or unemployment tax payment request process, LTtax creates a spreadsheet in the exact format required by our accounts payable system. This has eliminated the need to manually enter and individually review 600 payment requests each quarter and has eliminated the associated possibility of data entry errors and rework," explains Palks.

"We were very pleased by the rapidness and quality of the solution they provide.  This matched what we had come to expect from them, based on our experience with their friendly, professional and very timely customer service."

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